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CCU-010 LV vacuum coating system
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CCU-010 LV vacuum coating system

As base unit for our vacuum coating system the CCU-010 LV is designed for routine high quality sputter and/or carbon coatings for SEM and EDX. The modular concept allows for the subsequent conversion to a high vacuum coating system. The CCU-010 LV have three configuration versions: 1.CCU-010 LV_SP-010 automatic sputtering coater. 2.CCU-010 LV_CT-010 automatic carbon evaporation coater. 3.CCU-010 LV_SP010+CT-010 Combined Sputter Coater and Carbon Coater.
Product model:
CCU-010 LV_SP-010, CCU-010 LV_CT-010, CCU-010 LV_SP010+CT-010
Product description

Swiss CCU-010 LV Rotary Pumped Coaters

The CCU-010 LV low compact vacuum coating system is designed for fine vacuum applications. As base unit for our vacuum coating system the CCU-010 LV is designed for routine high quality sputter and/or carbon coatings for SEM and EDX. The modular concept allows for the subsequent conversion to a high vacuum coating system. The CCU-010 LV have three configuration versions:

1. CCU-010 LV_SP-010 automatic sputtering coater, it is a standard vacuum (rotary pumped) coater primarily designed for SEM sputtering and thin film applications using non-oxidising metals, such as gold and platinum.

2. CCU-010 LV_CT-010 automatic carbon evaporation coater, it is a standard vacuum (rotary pumped) carbon coater, primarily designed for coating SEM specimens for EDS and WDS. For high resolution SEM and TEM carbon applications the high vacuum CCU-010 HV is recommended.

3. CCU-010 LV_SP010+CT-010 Combined Sputter Coater and Carbon Coater, capable of both sputtering and carbon coating, the deposition heads can be swapped in seconds.


A Smart Device

A Sputter coater and/or carbon coater with options for plasma treatment within one device? Yes, this is possible with our table top vacuum coating system. By simply changing the process head, you can easily configure the unit for all these applications. Adjust the unit to your requirements or extend the functionality afterwards. A coating thickness monitor close to the sample is standard fitting which will precisely monitor and control film thickness of carbon and metal films.


Do Not Waste Time

The use of high-quality materials and components in combination with innovative ideas produces extraordinarily short process times. Create recipes via the modern user interface and use the automatic mode for reliable and reproducible production of thin coatings.


Low Consumption

The efficient gas control optimized for high vacuum reduces the consumption of your process gas. With high target utilization, you save money on consumables.


Compact and Practical

Save valuable laboratory space thanks to small dimensions. Weight has been minimized to reduce transport costs. Standardised small-flange quick connections act as interfaces with your connections.


Easy Start-up and Servicing

Unpack, connect, start! Do away with high start-up costs. The plug-and-play concept allows you to start up the device yourself. You only need to connect the power supply and the process gas. The service technician can run a quick error analysis thanks to the integrated USB service interface. The modular set-up allows for the targeted replacement of defective components.


SP-010 Sputter Head

The self-contained SP-010 sputter coating head module is designed for ease of use and optimum servicing. The glass vacuum chamber includes a useful vertical graduated scale to help set the height of the specimen stage. An implosion guard is fitted with a safety cut out to ensure safe operation.


CT-010 Carbon Thread Head

The carbon thread head CT-010 is an intelligent head, unrolling for automatic carbon thread transport in the vacuum. Together with the base unit it builds a fully automated carbon coater. Safematic sets new standards in laboratory carbon coating with this compact carbon thread head. 


ET-010 Etching Unit

For specimen pre-treatment or after-treatment combined with a coating process the etching unit allows to apply plasma to the substrates. With this accessory one can select Argon, extra etching gas or environmental air either as process gas. This allows cleaning of the samples prior to a coating and increasing the adhesion of thin films. Additionally it would be possible to modify the surface properties of a coated sample by a plasma treatment after the coating. With air plasma it is possible to turn a thin carbon layer from hydrophobic to hydrophilic for example.


GD-010 Glow Discharge

This is an option of the carbon thread head CT-010. The optional GD-010 glow discharge system can quickly be installed for surface treatment by air, argon or by other dedicated gas plasma. For example, it is possible to make carbon films hydrophilic. This is greatly simplified because the carbon coating and glow discharge treatment can be done sequentially – without the inconvenience of having to "break" vacuum conditions and exchange process heads. This unit installed into CT-010 is compatible with all sample stages. Option for CT-010 carbon thread head. 



The standard stage is included in base unit and is connected to the tilt and height adjustable table of the CCU-010. The table contains two slots for the quartz sensor (center position for normal use and edge position for larger samples). Options: ST-010 Slides Stage, RS-010 Rotary Table, PS-006 Planetary Gear Table, PS-006 Rotary Support, etc.


HS-010 Head Storage

The new vacuum storage box allows you to keep the second coating head for your CCU-010 and the full range of targets always clean and ready for use. Use one system for both metal and carbon coating. One additional glass tube and a second stage plate completely eliminate the problem of cross contamination between metal and carbon deposition. This allows you to use one system for both metal and carbon coating.


PC Software Coating LAB

The Windows software allows you to visualise process pressure, current, voltage, coating rate, coating thickness and sample temperature as real-time curves.


Transport Case

Very robust transport case with wheels and space for various accessories.


CCU-010 HV Upgrade Kit

Do you want to convert your basic unit CCU-010 low vacuum to a high vacuum device? Use the upgrade kit I and your external backing pump, or use the upgrade kit II and no further components.


ET-010R Retrofit Plasma Cleaning Unit

You already have a low or high vacuum basic unit and would like to add the etching unit? No problem! The plasma treatment unit can be used in combination with the sputter head and/or the carbon thread head.


Consumbales & Spare Parts

Are you looking for consumables and spare parts? Look through our wide product range and you will find what you need. Please contact with Tansi(Hotline: 025-85432178,85432278; 010-62908712).


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