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TANSI Technology Company Limited is a professional sales team in the product of electron and optical equipments, established in 2004. The company main focuses on the sales and technical service on EM field and the Lab equipments. The most staff has working experience over 15 years on electron microscope, optical microscope, and EM sample preparation equipments. The company has good customer and technology resources and developed wide sales network with good quality and after sales service. 
The company has successively acquired the distribution relationship in Chinese market with Quorum (UK, EM preparation equipment manufacturer, such as CryoSEM system / Sputter Coater / Carbon Coater /  High Vacuum Evaporation Coater / Q150GB Combined Sputter Coater or and Evaporator for mounting in a glove box / Critical Point Drier & Freeze Drier / Plasma Asher / Glow Discharge System etc), Deben UK Limited (the accessories for microscopy applications and the Tensile stages for XCT, Synchrotrons,OM and AFM), JC Nabity (USA, NPGS supplier, Nanometer Pattern Generation System for Direct Write Lithography using a commercial Electron or Ion Beam Microscope), EM Resist Ltd(UK, PMMA & SML resists for EBL applications),  ASI hybrid detectors (Netherlands, Timepix or Medopix3RX or Timepix3 detector cameras for X-Ray or TEM ED applications or TPX3Cam fast optical camera for nanosecond photon time stamping ), PIE Scientific(USA, Tabletop & remote plasma cleaners for sample cleaning, surface treatment & activation, photresist ashing) , and so on.
We also sell Nikon & Olympus (Japan)  Optical Microscope,  Leica & Zeiss (Germany)  Optical Microscope,  JN (China) Optical Microscope,customerize design OE system and image system, DT(China) series Micrograph Analyzer Software & CMOS/CCD Camera for optical microscope, TS(China) Vacuum Container / Desiccator and motorized stages for microscopy and its control software,  Allied or SPI or Buehler consumables and tools for optical microscope & SEM/TEM, and so on.
The sales network: The headquarters of the company located in Nanjing (Jiangsu province) is general responsible for the sales, technical support and service for the whole market. There is a Beijing office which is especially responsible for the sales and service in North China. There are 13 persons in the company. We have six sales persons and five engineers. We also have several local dealers who are responsible for the sales in many areas of China.
Customers resource: Our customers are covered over universities, research institutes, medical organizations, enterprises. For example: Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Nanjing University, Southeast University, Jiaotong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, University of Science and Technology of China and other famouse universities; Nanging Institute of Geology and Paleontology, CAS, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, CAS, LanZhou Institute Of Chamiscal Physics and other famous research institute; Seagate Technology International (WUXI), Intel International(Shanghai and Dalian), Siemens Numerical Control (Nanjing), Bosch Automotive (WUXI), Samsung Vacuum (Shanghai), Dow Chemical (Shanghai) and other famous Multinational Corporation.
Often we hold or donate for the activities as scholar meeting, seminar, and participate variety exhibitions under the policy of “Provide excellent quality and service to our customer”. We have built good customer trace, customer document managing and customer re-visiting system in which obtained favorable profit in economy and society.
We assist in “honest in sales and service” and build company culture as “developing, truth, comity and innovation”. The company always provides state in art products and service to our customers.
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