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CCU-010 HV high vacuum coaters
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CCU-010 HV high vacuum coating system

CCU-010 HV high vacuum coating system

The CCU-010 high vacuum sputter and carbon coater was designed for the highest demands in the field of sample preparation, allow excellent results in ultra-high-resolution applications. The CCU-010 HV base unit pumping system is totally oil-free and includes a turbo pump and diaphragm backing pump, both internally located. The CCU-010 HV have three configuration versions: 1.CCU-010 HV_SP-010 automatic sputtering coater. 2.CCU-010 HV_CT-010 automatic carbon evaporation coater. 3.CCU-010 HV_SP010+CT-010 Combined Sputter Coater and Carbon Coater.
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