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PP3010 Cryo-SEM/Cryo-FIB/SEM Preparation System
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PP3010 Cryo-SEM/Cryo-FIB/SEM Preparation System

The PP3010 is a highly automated, easy to use, column-mounted, gas-cooled cryo preparation system suitable for most makes and models of SEM, FE-SEM and FIB/SEM.
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Product description

The PP3010 is a highly automated, easy to use, column-mounted, gas-cooled cryo preparation system suitable for most makes and models of SEM, FE-SEM and FIB/SEM.


The PP3010 has all the facilities needed to rapidly freeze, process and transfer specimens. The cryo preparation chamber is turbomolecular pumped and includes tools for cold fracturing, controlled automatic sublimation and sputter coating. After processing, the specimen is transferred from the cryo preparation chamber onto a highly stable SEM cold stage for observation. Cold trapping in the cryo preparation chamber and SEM chamber ensures the whole process is frost-free. Specimen process times are typically between five and ten minutes.


Key features


•  High resolution performance on SEM, FE-SEM and FIB/SEMs

  Totally gas cooled, including cryo preparation chamber - no boiling nitrogen on the SEM

  Efficient cooling (typically down to at least -190ºC)

  24 hours plus run times on one fill of LN2 are typical - allowing unattended overnight operation (at typical operating temperatures)

  Large recipe driven touch-screen interface

  Automated sublimation, coating and system start up

  Superb specimen visibility

  Fully compatible with SEM beam deceleration/stage bias modes up to 5kV

  Off column cooling and pumping systems - minimum mass on the SEM

  On-screen data logging and diagnostics

  Pumped storage of the cryo transfer device

  Prepdek workstation - self contained work area, extra bench space not required

  Cryo workflow options

  Specialist support option


The PP3010 Prepdektm workstation is fitted with a slushy nitrogen freezing station, connected to the pumping system. Rapid freezing reduces ice crystal damage and results in improved specimen preservation. For handling pre-frozen material the PrepdekTM freezing system allows specimens that have been frozen by alternative freezing methods (or stored field specimens) to be manipulated - in or just above liquid nitrogen - and then transferred under vacuum into the PP3010 preparation chamber for subsequent processing and observation.


Additionally the TEM Prep Slusher and glove box interface/airlock options allow workflow amongst a range of other platforms, including Cryo-TEM, Cryoultramicrome, XPS and glove box.


Our market-leading PP3010 cryo sem preparation system is the latest in cryo-SEM technology and combines the highest quality results with unparalleled ease of use. Cryo preparation techniques for cryo SEM and FIB/SEM are essential for the observation of biological, wet or beam sensitive specimens. Using cryo sem electron microscopy removes the need for conventional preparation methods, such as chemical fixation and critical point drying, and allows observation of specimens in their natural hydrated state. This product is for Research Use Only


We also pleased to offer the PP3005 SEMCool and PP3006 CoolLok - part Cryo preparation systems for low temperature applications where the full specimen processing capabilities of the PP3010 may not be required. Looking for transferring ambient temperature specimens into SEM, FIB/SEM or other suitable vacuum systems? Please see: PP3004 QuickLok.

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