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Tergeo series tabletop plasma cleaners
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Tergeo series tabletop plasma cleaners

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Compact tabletop plasma cleaner designed for cleaning nanoscale samples, etching photoresist, activating functional groups on polymer, achieving hydrophilic or hydrophobic wettability, improving bonding strength and printability, promoting biocompatibility on medical devices. Integrated immersion & downstream plasma cleaning modes can clean wide range of samples from heavily contaminated electron optics apertures to delicate samples like graphene, carbon nanotube, diamond like carbon and TEM samples on holey carbon grid.


The Tergeo tabletop plasma cleaner is available in three configurations

1Tergeo: Basic low cost version.

2Tergeo-Plus: It’s a larger version of the Tergeo plasma cleaner designed for samples up to 150mm wide.

3Tergeo-EM: Plasma cleaner for SEM & TEM sample cleaning, grids and TEM holders cleaning. Designed to remove hydrocarbon contamination on SEM & TEM samples.


Key Features:

•  Dual plasma sources in one system. Immersion plasma source for aggressive surface treatment, photoresist etching. Remote plasma source for gentle contamination removal and surface activation on delicate samples.

•  Plasma sensor for real time quantitative plasma strength measurement.

•  13.56MHz high frequency rf generator, pulsed operation, automatic impedance matching.

 Intuitive touchscreen user interface with 20-recipe library, fully automatic design.                        Immersion mode plasma cleaning


•  MFC regulated gas delivery.

•  High purity quartz sample chamber and sample holder


Typical applications:

     Cleaning before wire bonding, die attach, flip chip bonding process.                                                      Remote plasma cleaning mode

     SEM/TEM sample cleaning for hydrocarbon contamination removal

     Surface treat before biomedical coating and improve hydrophilicity of medical implants

     Optics, glass and substrate cleaning before epoxy bonding

     Photoresist ashing, descum and silicon wafer cleaning

     PDMS, microfluidics, glass slides and lab-on-a-chip

     Improve bonding for metal to metal or composite

     Improve bonding for plastic, polymer and composite materials                                                               Optional TEM specimen holder                                                                                                                                                                                vacuum pumping statio



     Medical device activation, sterilization and improve coating adhesion


We understand the importance of consistency and repeatability for scientific research and production runs. Therefore, we integrated multiple process control technologies to monitor and control the critical parameters, such as plasma sensor, pressure sensor and automatic mass flow controller for gas input. The operation of Tergeo plasma cleaner is fully automatic. Intuitive user interface together with 7-inch touchscreen make the operation of a scientific instrument as easy as a smart pad. Imbedded microcontroller supports 20 customizable recipes. With advanced process control technologies, Tergeo series plasma treatment system can deliver repeatable performance in day to day operation for different users.



Tergeo series tabletop plasma etching and surface cleaning systems are for research, development only. For TEM customers, please check out our Tergeo-EM tabletop plasma system for your grids and TEM holders cleaning and For TEM,SEM and other customers, please also check out our EM-KLEEN remote plasma system if need. For storage etc applications, please refer to Multipurpose Chamber and TEM holder storage station


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